The Gift of Story


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Ralph Milton

240 | 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-77343-032-4

In The Gift of Story, Milton romps through a lively reflection on what stories mean to humans, “the story-telling animal,” how we can all tell stories to enrich our lives and rejoice in the complementary roles that stories and the logic of science play in our lives. It’s a fun read full of lively, refreshing stories and insights.

In this StoryFest companion book, Milton shares insights about storytelling related to themes ranging from mythology and human identity, to social justice, changing from the inside out, tragedy, awe and mystery, hope and promise, and more. But the story is always central; the story is always “the thing.”

The Gift of Story picks up where Ralph Milton’s live StoryFest events leave off. 

Storyfest Events were led by gifted musicians, artists, and storytellers Linnea Good, Don McNair, Allison Rennie, Donald Schmidt, as well as Ralph Milton – were designed to provide a spiritual “shot in the arm, focusing on evocative Bible stories and personal faith experiences.” The StoryFest videos include key biblical stories about seminal biblical characters – Aden and Eve, Jonah, the prodigal, Mary and Elizabeth, the Ethiopian eunuch, Zacchaeus, Mary of Magdalene, Sarah…and more.?

Ralph Milton, Author

Dr. Ralph Milton is one of Canada's best-known religious communicators, and a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Sacred Letters from St. Stephen's College, Edmonton. He also has an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the Vancouver School of Theology. A former news broadcaster, open line host and church administrator, Milton is the author of 17 books including the bestselling Family Story Bible; Angels in Red Suspenders; and Julian's Cell, a novel based on the life of Julian of Norwich. On the Internet, Ralph Milton publishes the popular e-zine Rumors, which uses liberal doses of humour and story to communicate a lively faith. Co-founder of Wood Lake Publishing, Ralph Milton lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, with his wife and friend of 50 years, Beverley, a retired church minister. Together, they remain the ever-proud grandparents of Zoe and Jake.

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Media Reviews

Linnea Good

The storyteller’s gift is to draw the listener into the circle by the sheer intimacy and honesty of their words. Ralph begins his book in the same way he speaks: with a pull on his suspenders, a piece of wisdom to consider, a morsel of conjecture inviting the listener’s opinion, or a humorous description of something we have all known but are dying to hear again, and always with a nugget of surprise. The story unfolds and, as it does, it reminds us that each one of us is the teller of our own life, in God’s great Cosmic Story.