StoryFest Information Video:

This short video (7 mins) is a quick overview of the StoryFest series.

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- The Mother of Life Video:

Based on Genesis 2:4-3:24. A drama and very different whimsical version of the creation story by Ralph Milton, with a genderless paraphrase of a biblical passage by Allison Rennie and the drawing 'Eve-Wondering' by Don McNair. 



Sarah - A Child Named Laughter Video:

Based on Genesis 18:1-15 & 21:1*-7. A poem, ' To Proclaim a Dancing God' by Ralph Milton, a poem ' You Bet I Laughed' by Donald Schmidt. a drama 'A Child named Laughter' by Ralph Milton, the drawing ' Sarah Laughing' by Don McNair and a mention on the program: The Family Story Bible by Ralph Milton. 


Jonah - A Hilarious Parable Video:

Based on the book of Jonah. A drama ' The God of Who?' by Ralph Milton, and the drawing 'Big-foot Jonah' by Don McNair. 



Mary and Elizabeth - Two Faithful Women Video:

Based on Luke 1:39-56.  A drama ' Mary Visits Elizabeth' by Ralph Milton, Magnificat words and music by Frances Chaisson and the drawing 'Pain and Joy' by Don McNair. 


Zacchaeus - Business is Business Video:

Based on Luke 19:1-10. A drama 'The Other Size of Zacchaeus' by Donald Schmidt, with a paraphrase of  Zacchaeus story by Allison Rennie, and the drawing 'Zacchaeus Surrounded' by Don McNair


Prodigal Son - Come to the Party Video:

Based on Luke 15:11-32. A drama 'Prodigal Father and Song' by Donald Schmidt, A drama 'Prodigal Mother and Daughter' by Donald Schmidt, a drawing 'Prodigal Father' by Don McNair and a mention on the program 'Is This Your Idea of a Good Time, God?' by Ralph Milton. 


Resurrection - Through the Prism of Her Tears Video:

Based on John 20:1-18. A drama 'Through Her Tears' by Ralph Milton, with a poem 'They Saw Me' by Donald Schmidt, and a drawing 'Despair' by Don McNair


Ethiopian Eunuch - Affirmation and Inclusion Video:

Based on Acts 8:26-39. A drama 'But My Hair is Wet' by Donald Schmidt, the drawing 'Running To Tell The Story' by Don McNair and a mention on the program 'Sing Hallelujah!' by Ralph Milton.


Pentecost - When the Spirit Blows Video:

Based on Acts 2. A drama 'The Spirits Dances' by Ralph Milton, and a drawing 'Celebration' by Don McNair.



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Additional Resources Available for Purchase:

The Gift of Story: 

In this companion book, Milton shares insights about storytelling related to themes ranging from mythology and human identity, to social justice, changing from the inside out, tragedy, awe and mystery, hope and promise, and more. The Gift of Story will enrich the StoryFest experience and it is written in a light-hearted, easy-going style.

6” x 9” | Paperback | 234 pages
ISBN 978-1-77343-032-4
Online at Wood Lake Publishing: $15.96
Kindle: $9.98 | eBook: $9.98
 and on Amazon: $19.95 

The Family Story Bible: 

With characteristic warmth and humour, Ralph Milton retells Bible stories in an engaging, contemporary way for kids and adults. The Family Story Bible meets the expectations of today's values-oriented parents by using inclusive language for God and including stories of both men and women in the Bible. Readers will find old favourite stories and they'll discover stories often overlooked in children's Bibles, such as the stories of the prophets, wisdom literature, and the letters of the early church. A delight to read and hear. 


Is This Your Idea of a Good Time, God?

This retelling of 23 biblical stories will move you to laughter and tears and bring new insights into characters like Eve and Adam, Hagar, Jacob, Naaman, Peter, Pontius Pilate, and Mary of Magdala. Each story is prefaced with the biblical and historical background. 


Sing Hallelujah!:

This disc set shows musicians performing well-known songs from Voices UnitedMore VoicesHymns We Love to Sing, and beyond—with a touch of karaoke. The words of the songs scroll in clear, large letters across the bottom of the screen so that people can easily sing along.