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Featured Products

  • The Family Story Bible, 3rd Edition

    by Ralph Milton and Margaret Kyle

    From its first publication, The Family Story Bible has held a special place among children’s Bibles. Every bit as marvellous as the text by Ralph Milton, Margaret Kyle’s art – bright and colourful, full of wonder and joy – pulls it all together and helps bring the stories to life in the imaginations of children and adults alike.

    Power for Life
    David Sharp

    In Power for Life, ordained minister, spiritual educator, life teacher, and author David Preston Sharp shares both the process and the fruit of a two-and-a-half-year meditation practice he engaged in to further his own spiritual growth. The resulting guidance offered in Power for Life revolves around basic themes such as kindness, gentleness, joy, love, peace, and patience.

  • Creation for Progressive Christians

    by Donald Schmidt

    Behind all the creation stories there is a basic assumption that God was involved; the “how” of it was a secondary concern to the original writers.

  • Read, Wonder, Listen  
    Laura Alary

    GOLD MEDAL WINNER of the 2019 Illumination Awards for Children's Picture Book.

    Laura Alary combines her gift for telling the biblical stories with historical research, contemporary concerns about language, and a compassionate and inclusive theology making Read, Wonder, Listen, a perfect children’s Bible for progressive Christians.


    Talk Sex Today

    Saleema Noon & Meg Hickling

    Not sure what – or how much – information to share with children and teens regarding sex and sexual health? Do you fear what they might ask? Or how to respond to their questions? Or whether you even know the “answers” yourself?

    Radical Gifts
    Gene Marshall

    “We are living in the midst of a turning point in the history of Christianity that is more radical than the Reformation period, perhaps as radical as the birth of Christianity itself. This emerging form of Christianity is so new that it does not seem to be Christianity at all to many people.”

    –Gene W. Marshall, from the Preface


    The Gift of Story

    Ralph Milton

    In The Gift of Story, Milton romps through a lively reflection on what stories mean to humans, “the story-telling animal,” how we can all tell stories to enrich our lives and rejoice in the complementary roles that stories and the logic of science play in our lives. It’s a fun read full of lively, refreshing stories and insights.




    We Love to Sing

    Alan C. Whitmore

    Hymns We Love to Sing meets the demands from clergy and healthcare professionals for a collection of familiar hymns which could be used anywhere: in congregations, hospitals, funeral homes, care facilities, or at home.

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