Found Through Loss


Healing Stories from Scripture & Everyday Sacredness

Nancy C. Reeves

159 PP | 6" x 9"
Paper Includes 2 CDs
ISBN: 978-1-896836-49-2

Whether your loss is new or ancient, whether your grief is about death, a relationship estrangement, a move, or the shattering of a dream, any of these 30 stories may have something to say to you. Nancy Reeves' hope in sharing the tales in Found Through Loss: Healing Stories from Scripture and Everyday Sacredness is that readers will grow through their experience.

Growth pushes the griever past limitations, enhances personal qualities, teaches healthier living patterns, and encourages the griever in the expression of their true self - a self that is made in God's image. The grieving people who shared their stories in this book were changed as their grieving diminished. In some ways, they became "more" than they had been before their loss - they were found through loss. Concepts and strategies for healing provided in Found Through Loss can be used individually, in groups, or as material for sermons.

Reeves reads selected stories on the two CDs provided in print version of the book. The courage, the love, and the wisdom shown by these grievers are deeply touching.

Nancy C. Reeves, Author

Dr. Nancy C Reeves, R. Psych is a Registered Psychologist, psychotherapist, spiritual director, best-selling author, award-winning columnist, and published poet. She is director and psychotherapist in the Island Loss Clinic, adjunct faculty at the University of Victoria, and has conducted numerous lectures and workshops in 9 countries. Nancy has published over 60 articles in professional journals and general interest magazines. She is the recipient of the Victoria WM/YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for her work with children and adults.

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Media Reviews

The Rare Bird

Linda Baxter

Whether the loss is about death, an estrangement, or shattered dreams, the stories related here offer hope of acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Easy-to-read volume.

Suitable for individual reading or small group reading and discussion. Recommended.

Christian Week

John Toews

Reeves lets the stories speak for themselves with minimal theoretical observation or comment. In her hands this technique works well. The lives transformed by grief instruct and allow for hope.

Reeves’ skill and consummate sensitivity impressed me. We all grieve at different times in our lives, so the book is for anyone who wants to hope in the face of the bleakness of loss.

Author of Embracing the World: Praying for Justice and Peace

Rev. Jane E. Vennard

Reeves' tales are tenderly told and her suggestions for further reflection, journaling, and prayer are simple and effective. All readers will find their experience of loss illuminated and transformed by this wise and compassionate book.

Retreat and Spiritual Director, St. Joseph's Province, Canada

Fr. Anthony Sebastian

Nancy tells stories from scripture in a new way that ties in useful information about grief and loss. They are enjoyable, insightful, and true to the Word.