Healing from the Heart


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A Guide to Christian Healing for Individuals and Groups

Flora Litt Wayne Irwin Rochelle Graham

288 PP | 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-55145-294-4

To have health is to have a balance and harmony between the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational aspects of the self. In healing, we endeavor to restore this balance when it has become off kilter. In Christian scripture and liturgy there is a rich history of healing.

Healing from the Heart traces the tradition of Christian healing, and explores the mystery of prayer. Church groups interested in beginning a healing ministry will find this an invaluable resource, offering meditation resources, healing services, and well-tested and practical hands-on healing methods.

Flora Litt, Author

"Practitioner and teacher of therapeutic touch and of spirituality, prayer and meditative practices, Flora Litt is currently the Program Manager at the Lowville Prayer Centre. "

Wayne Irwin, Author

Executive director of the Lowville Prayer Centre, Wayne Irwin currently ministers at Centenary United Church in Hamilton, Ontario. He is actively engaged in the development and practice of healing ministry within The United Church of Canada.

Rochelle Graham, Author

Physiotherapist and certified Healing Touch Instructor and practitioner, Rochelle Graham has taught over 100 workshops on healing touch across Canada since 1993.

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Customer Reviews


This is a book I return to again and again. It is a rich resource for people deepening their Christian faith, and for individuals and groups who want to establish, or grow, a healing ministry. It is the main resource for the Healing Pathway. I am grateful to the authors for their knowledge and passion, and for the way the book is divided into science, tradition, and experience. The meditations alone make it a must have.