Creation for Progressive Christians

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A Five Session Study Guide

Donald Schmidt

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Behind all the creation stories there is a basic assumption that God was involved; the “how” of it was a secondary concern to the original writers.

The publication of this study guide is timely given the current conversations and warnings around the health of creation and climate change. One can easily find – online, in magazines, or on television – images of animals that cannot find food; dry areas that used to be lakes and rivers; floods beyond belief; and places such as Tuvalu, where palm trees now grow underwater because the ocean level has risen. Clearly, climate change is real and impacting people around the globe. The question, therefore, is not “Does it exist?” or even “Is this thing human caused or the natural cycle of things?” but rather, “What do we do to slow it down and enhance life for all species?”

Although it is not a book about climate change but rather an exploration of five biblical creation stories, this study can help progressive Christians engage these questions. Understanding the biblical creation stories can help us see creation as a delicate balance, and our role in it as stewards. As people of faith, it is incumbent on us to understand our relationship with every facet of the divine, which is clearly present in the world and everything around us. The question behind this book is this: What did our ancient ancestors want us to understand about the creation of the universe, the divine presence in that creation, and how we might live our lives in response to that?


Donald Schmidt, Author

Donald Schmidt has had a love for his Creator, for Jesus Christ, and for ministry in the Christian church for many years. He holds MDiv and DMin degrees in theology and Jewish studies. He has been in active ministry in a variety of churches in both Canada and the United States for almost 40 years. He is the author of eight volumes (and counting) of the award winning “for Progressive Christians” series of Bible studies. In his spare time he likes to work with wool – knitting, spinning, and weaving. He lives in British Columbia with his husband, Kevin.

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Rev. Graham Brownmiller

United Church of Canada, Burnaby

This book comes at a time when those who believe in the Creator are struggling with how to respond to the crises that the world is facing. This study helps participants connect with the stories that awaken our understanding of “in the beginning.” Donald Schmidt offers an easy-to-use study of creation. It is timely and engaging at every level.