Jesus Passion


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Drama for Good Friday

Seasons of the Spirit


A simple but powerful reading based on John 18:1—19:42.

Preparation: Reading

Cast/Characters: 7-8 adult readers

Scenes: 1 (2 pp)

Main Props: Candles

Seasons of the Spirit , Publisher

Jesus’ Passion

A simple but powerful reading based on John 18:1-19:42

Preparation: reading

Cast/Characters: 7-8 adult readers

Scenes: 1 (2pp)

Main Props: Candles

The following script is intended to be read only, but it can be dramatized in any way you wish. When reading it, take the time
to pause briefly where indicated in the script to allow the congregation to keep up with the pace.

Jesus: Finally, I have a few moments of quiet, here in the Mount of Olives. I know Judas will be coming soon with the chief priests and Pharisees and soldiers, but I’m glad to be in this peaceful place where I’ve been with my friends many times. God, give me the strength for what will happen soon.
Judas: Shh! Follow me, and I’ll show you to Jesus. There he is!
Jesus: Whom are you looking for?
Soldier: Jesus of Nazareth.
Jesus: I am he.
Peter: I can’t believe it! There is Judas, one of our group, giving Jesus over to the authorities! Look at Jesus, standing there so strong. They don’t dare touch him. And look at them, stepping back, falling down!
Jesus: Whom are you looking for?
Soldier: Jesus of Nazareth.
Jesus: I told you that I am he. So if you’re looking for me, let these others go.
Peter: This can’t be happening. They’re going to arrest him. I’ve got to do something!
Jesus: Peter! Put away your sword! Shall I not drink the cup that God has given me?
Peter: There he goes! Taken away to God knows where and God knows what. I’d better follow and see what happens. Oh, no, they’re taking him to Annas, the high priest’s father-in-law. I’ll just hang around outside the gate here by this fire. Uh-oh, that woman guarding the gate is looking at me. Now she’s asking me if I’m one of Jesus’ disciples. What will I say? They might arrest me, too... (louder) No, lady, I’m not one of his disciples.
Annas: So, Jesus, what do you have to say about your followers and your teachings?
Jesus: I have no secrets. I’ve spoken openly in synagogues and in the temple. Why do you ask me? Ask the people who’ve heard me; they know what I said.
Narrator: One of the police standing close by struck Jesus with his fist, saying,
Soldier: Is that how you answer the high priest?
Jesus: Should you hit a man for telling the truth?