Eco Footsteps to the Cross


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A Lenten Resource

Barb Tunnicliffe Ian MacDonald

8.5" x 11"
Includes MP3s
ISBN: 978-1-55145-588-4

Eco-Footsteps to the Cross is a six-week resource spanning Lent, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Material for each week of Lent includes a call to worship, opening prayer, chancel drama, assurance, children's time story, commissioning and Sunday school lesson. A complete intergenerational service, including a drama is provided for Palm Sunday. Each week of Lent is related to a certain theme, and every week is focused on developing respect for the earth and her peoples. Also included

  • MP3 music files and sheet music for most suggested songs
  • crafts, with illustrated instructions
  • guidelines for a Good Friday "Walk to the Cross" event
  • study group materials (activities and suggestions)
  • hints for using the resource for church or youth retreats
  • eco-related bulletin inserts and ideas for church signage
  • additional prayer and pieces that can be used for individual or group reflection

A complete resource, Eco-Footsteps to the Cross will help your congregation grow and manifest their love for God and creation.

Barb Tunnicliffe, Author

Ian MacDonald, Author



How to Use This Resource

Lent 1

Lent 2

Lent 3

Lent 4

Lent 5

Palm Sunday Intergenerational Service and Drama

Good Friday Walk of the Cross


Sunday School Lesson Plans
Lent 1
Lent 2
Lent 3
Lent 4
Lent 5
Palm Sunday – see Intergenerational Service and Drama
Easter Sunday


Study Group Material
Community building activities
Study session suggestion

Weekend retreat plan

A Borrowed Grave
The Rich Man and the Chasm
Common Creation Story
Movement for Change
There Are Two Seas
The Starfish Story
Two Degrees, One Chance
David Hallman

Church Signs

ECOrner Bulletin Inserts

Music Resources