For Everything a Season

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The Wisdom of Traditional Values in Turbulent Times

Warren Johnson

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ISBN: 978-1-77343-166-6

"Our economy has been built on the heavy-handed use of natural resources, and even though nature has magnificent recuperative powers, the recovery is unlikely to match the beauty and the wholeness of the original environment. With this truth laid bare, Warren Johnson offers up a new path to deep inner prosperity based on one of the oldest and most successful concepts the world over." – The Golden Rule. 

This book takes you on a journey into the medieval way of life when the edict of  “Do unto others as you would yourself” was the rallying cry that helped people work together for a common good.

So where did it all go so wrong? What happened to caring for our fellow human? Our land? Our resources? Warren argues that much was lost with the Age of Enlightenment. While the age gave us reason and science, it distanced us from the sacred, leaving us with little more than an insatiable appetite for the new, the better, the bolder.

For Everything a Season reignites the sacred flame. Warren urges us to recommit to faith, while maintaining our reason. Guided by traditional principles embedded in the great teachings of the New and Old Testaments, he offers a hopeful path to creating a modern eco-system where every individual consumes and creates in balance with the sacred whole. In this way, we do away with excess, make reparations for our past, and ultimately lead a happier, healthier life.


For Everything a Season is part of the new Manifest Series

Manifest is a series of small books that address the important topics and issues of our time, written by activists, philosophers, seers, and poets. Intended as insight guides for those on journeys of discovery, hope, faith, resilience, and regeneration, they speak truth

Warren Johnson, Author

Warren Johnson, PhD, is Professor Emeritus and former chairman of the Geography Department at San Diego State University. A geographer, educator, and bestselling author, he has a profound appreciation for the land, which led him to publish his 1978 bestselling book Muddling Toward Frugality. This book secured Warren’s place as among the first to advocate sustainability in the midst of a frenzied materialistic world. Warren’s life-long fascination with sustainability began with his PhD where he examined the influence of medieval thinking on the development of the British National Parks system. An honoured professor Emeritus of cultural geography, natural resources and energy, he now applies his enthusiasm for the medieval Age of Faith to examine the biblical roots of sustainability. Along with his book The Future is Not What It Used To Be, he is the author of the forthcoming The Peaceful Gene. Warren lives an ecologically and spiritually balanced life at his home in Northern California.

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Media Reviews

John Cobb

The Founder of The Center for Process Studies

"Warren Johnson is a truly wise man.  Half a century ago, he put forward Medieval society as a model for moderns who understood that our society is unsustainable.  At that time it seemed "charming" and a much needed correction to the dismissal of everything medieval that characterized most modern literature, but hardly a serious contribution to the discussion of achieving sustainability.  Sadly that dismissal of the great achievements of the Christian Middle Ages continues. But there is now more openness to see the good in traditional society, and without any reduction in appreciation of Medieval society, Warren has wisely expanded his appreciation to other traditional societies.  His book shows that throwing off many of the changes introduced by industrialization in order to become sustainable, far from causing only wretchedness and misery, could humanize and enrich our lives.  There is a chance that his wisdom, long ignored, will be recognized in our increasingly desperate situation.  And his style of writing continues the "charm" of the past.  Read on!"