Healers at Work

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First Hand Accounts of the Difference Alternative Healing Makes

Peter Downie

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ISBN: 978-1-55145-080-3

If you're fed up with promises or gimmicks or miracle-cure schemes, then you're ready for Healers at Work.

Join well-known broadcaster Peter Downie as he interviews 11 healers who reveal why and how they practice their healing arts.

Peter Downie, Author

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Media Reviews

Charles Templeton, Journalist and Author

Peter Downie is a rarity among interviewers. He comes to you seeking to learn and in his quest for knowledge he gets the information across to the listener. He insists that you explain precisely why you hold the views you do and doesn't accept glib generalities for answers. He does all this with probing intelligence.

Michael McAteer, Freelance Writer

Those searching for wellness that goes beyond traditional medicine will find Healers at Work a timely and thought-provoking book...

This kind of healing is about reaching an emotional, physical, and/or spiritual equanimity with the demands and complexities of modern life in North America. It's a healing which takes for granted the elaborate interconnectedness and value of the heart and soul and mind and body all striving together to reach that elusive moment of a true and profound sense of well-being. It's a healing which battles against what writer and philosopher Sir Laurens Van der Post calls the modern crisis of feeling "unknown in the universe." This is a healing which connects us not only to those we love, but also to life, with all the joy and sadness and mystery it contains.

Rochelle Graham: "It's my life work. This is no longer a job for me and I don't mean that lightly. What's fascinating for me is that I've been in and out of churches all my life, but I never would have considered myself someone who would have called this a ministry. And yet, that's what I now call this; this is a ministry of healing for me. I have said I will go wherever I'm called, and that's what I do."