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Bruce and Cheryl Harding

2 CD Set
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A companion to the More Voices Songbook. Great for song leaders and choirs to help learn the songs in More Voices. A co-publication by Wood Lake Publishing and The United Church Publishing House.

Bruce and Cheryl Harding, Author

Cheryl and Bruce Harding are recording artists and worship leaders from the Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada. Their eclectic musical style melds a liberal theology of healing and understanding with an evangelical, spirit-filled passion for congregational singing. Through their music and ministry with congregations and church gatherings across Canada and beyond they inspire people to sing with spirit and conviction.

There are other areas of Cheryl and Bruce's ministry which reflect Bruce's academic training in Canadian hymnology. Bruce has a PhD in the development of hymn tune repertoire in The United Church of Canada. You can download a copy of his dissertation from the National Library of Canada. Cheryl and Bruce work with a chamber choir which they founded, A Quired Taste, devoted to performing and recording the hymns, psalms and spiritual songs of early Canada. They also have two monographs on the history of worship and music in the United Church and its parent denominations, the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches in Canada. These monographs, written by Bruce with his father, Thomas Harding, have already proven to be valuable tools for those who wish to understand our liturgical history in order to better chart a course for the future. For more information on hymns and church music history, visit Bruce's Canadian Hymnology Resource page.

Bruce is also past co-chair of UCCAM, the United Church of Canada Association of Musicians, and was the Managing Editor for More Voices, the supplement to the current United Church of Canada hymn book, Voices United (1996).

When they are home, Cheryl and Bruce worship and lead singing at Crossroads United Church in North Delta BC and the Pacific InterChristian Community in Vancouver BC.