Eyes Wide Open

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Spiritual resources for healing from childhood sexual assault

Louise Cummings

128 PP | 9" x 6"
ISBN: 978-1-55145-038-4

In this intimate, passionate, and honest portrait of her experiences recovering memories of sexual abuse, Louise Cummings's book Eyes Wide Open addresses the feelings and issues survivors must face in order to heal: grief, anger, trust, fear, and change.

Louise Cummings, Author

Ordained in 1985, Louise Cummings is pastor of St. Paul's United Church in Sudbury, Ontario. Her spirituality has been influenced by a lifetime of Christian nurture within the United Church of Canada, by five years living in Christian community in L'Arche homes with mentally handicapped people, and by a small horde of nieces and nephews, godchildren, and young friends in the congregations she has served.