A World of Faith

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Introducing Spiritual Traditions to Teens

Carolyn Pogue

192 PP | 7.25" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-55145-554-9

The teen years are often a time for searching and questioning many of the fundamental aspects of one's culture and society. This traditional questioning of life by teens often includes the aspect of faith -- their own and that of others.

This is a comprehensive book covering most of the world's main religions in a captivating and accessible way. Carolyn's emphasis goes beyond describing the unique practices of the various faith traditions, institutional rites and beliefs, to touch on the deeper truths common to humanity. Throughout, there is a strong message of caring for the earth and for each other, a message of connection and social justice. Interviews with young people are the basis of many of the chapters -- they speak in their own words about their practices and how these influence their lives and world views. Full-color photographs and comments allow teens to appreciate how the influences of different faith traditions affect other lives in a relevant way.

Each chapter includes a thumbnail sketch of the faith tradition, a prayer, a glossary of terms, a story, and a Golden Rule unique to that faith. Carolyn also recognizes that many young people have a deep concern and interest in ecological matters and includes a "Green Rule" in each chapter -- a short piece on how each faith interprets their relationship with the earth.

A World of Faith includes an excellent foreword by His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal (The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan), Moderator of the World Conference on Religion and Peace; Co-chair of the Independent Bureau for Humanitarian Issues; and a patron of Religion and Humanity.

Carolyn Pogue, Author

Freelance writer and editor, Carolyn Pogue's work includes books, plays, articles, poetry and short fiction for both children and adults. She has edited several books, including Treasury of Celebrations and written Language of the Heart and Part-Time Parent for Northstone (an imprint of Wood Lake Publishing). Carolyn's latest work is a spiritual ecology book for children called After the Beginning (CopperHouse) and A World of Faith: Introducing Faith Traditions to Teens.

Carolyn Pogue grew up on a farm near Toronto, Ontario.  She is part of a group of women in The United Church working to end child poverty. She loves canoeing, camping and making art with Michael, Kate, Tristan, Foster and other kids. She writes a blog for The United Church Observer. To learn more about Carolyn, visit her website www.carolynpogue.ca