Prayer: The Hidden Fire

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A practical and personal approach to awakening a greater intimacy with God

Tom Harpur

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ISBN: 978-1-896836-22-5

The practice of prayer is shared by an overwhelming majority across diverse beliefs and backgrounds. But with the ongoing decline in the membership of institutional religion, it's apparent that many people don't go to church to pray. Many of us now turn to literature for spiritual guidance. Prayer: The Hidden Fire is a truly down-to-earth, simple yet honest book that will help you discover what prayer means to you. Tom Harpur encourages us to go beyond childhood notions of prayer and explore our deep yearning to "be heard." He includes suggestions to help both the fully initiated and the bewildered novice experience more practically and deeply the spiritual benefits of prayer. Readers are invited to view prayer as an intimate conversation with a personal God, using the same language as they would use with a lover or best friend. Along the way, Tom Harpur shares experiences from his own spiritual journey, and gives readers his most personal work to date.

Tom Harpur, Author

Tom Harpur was a columnist for The Toronto Star, Rhodes scholar and Anglican priest, and was a prominent writer on religious and ethical issues. He was the author of seven bestselling books including For Christ's Sake, and Would You Believe? He hosted numerous radio and television programs, and a six-part television series based on his bestseller The Uncommon Touch: An Investigation of Spiritual Healing. Tom Harpur lived in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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Media Reviews

Larry Dossey, MD, Author of Prayer is Good Medicine

Tom Harpur is one of the wisest spiritual guides in contemporary culture. Prayer: The Hidden Fire reveals the power and universality of prayer. It is invaluable for anyone wishing to learn more about prayer, or who wants to deepen their spiritual roots.

The Sunday Daily News, Halifax

Big sales of previous Harpur books such as For Christ's Sake and Life After Death have put the author on a pedestal as Canada's mainstream spiritual guide/guru.

Acknowledging the steady decline in church membership in most religions [with his new book Prayer], Harpur hopes to help readers "reconnect with your inner need for prayer," a desire, he believes, that often leads people to literature for spiritual guidance.

Mike Mastromatteo, The Catholic Register

Prayer: The Hidden Fire, is an effort to come to grips with attitudes and pervasiveness of prayer at a time when interest in organized religious appears to be in decline. It's obvious that Harpur has given a great deal of thought to his subject and the book is punctuated with a number of personal and heartfelt recommendations on how we might make prayer a more effective part of our personal lives.

Each chapter concludes with the author's "practical applications" for the reader to consider in replacing dusty, old prayer habits with more novel approaches

Harpur's book presents a novel and provocative perspective on one aspect of spiritual life that too many of us take for granted, or ignore altogether.

Andrew Hanon, Capital News

The book is a practical guide for people who want a more enriching prayer life.

Joan Bunce, The Star Phoenix

Harpur shares his own experiences as he discusses various styles of prayer. He includes ready-made prayers which may be adapted for our own use, and suggests keeping a prayer diary. Each chapter ends with some suggestions for beginning the practice of prayer or trying a new approach. There is an interesting section on the physiological aspects of chanting, intoning or singing, all of which have formed part of public worship for centuries.