Embodied Prayer

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Toward Wholeness of Mind, Body, Soul

Celeste Snowber

192 PP | 5.5" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-896836-62-1

Our bodies have too long been in exile. We listen or pray with our hearts and minds, but ignore much of our bodies; we become "disembodied." This illuminating book is about honoring what our bodies have to teach us. Brimming with words of wisdom that will allow you to discover what a gift your body is, Embodied Prayer invites you towards wholeness of body, mind, and soul.

Celeste Snowber, Author

Celeste Snowber, Ph.D. is a dancer, educator, and writer who has focused her work in the area of spirituality and the body for over twenty years. She is presently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University in BC. She is author of In the Womb of God.