Songs for the Holy One

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Psalms and Refrains for Worship

Donald Patriquin Thomas Barnett

304 PP | 7.5 x 9"
Hardcover with hidden coil
ISBN: 978-1-55145-497-9

Using inclusive language, Barnett has translated all 150 Psalms into engaging and reverent renditions that bring the Psalms to a new life. Each Psalm is paired with original refrains from composer, Donald Patriquin. Barnett's lyrical phrasing, beautiful language, and scholarly integrity, are what drew Patriquin to Songs for the Holy One. The psalms retain the poetry and integrity of the originals, yet have been revised to bring out the passion and exultation of the psalms.

Donald Patriquin, Author

Donald Patriquin's love of church music began when he was a boy chorister, and was further developed during his career as church choir director and organist, as well as composer of service settings, hymns, anthems, and extended liturgical works.

Thomas Barnett, Author

Thomas Barnett has degrees in Semitic language and literature, specializing in Herbrew and Old Testament. He is a professional scholar, professor, and lecturer with over 23 years experience.