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Featured Products

  • True North Strong and Free

    New Ways of Looking at Canada on the 150th Birthday of the Country

    Brian Arthur Brown

    True North Strong and Free is a souvenir book that celebrates Canada's dynamic history, its exciting present opportunities, and looks to the country's promising future.

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  • Your Life, Better

    This United Church of Ours - Fourth Edition

    Ralph Milton

    Except for Bibles and Hymnbooks, no other book has been read and appreciated by as many United Church people.

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  • Sunshine set

    The Sacrament of Interruption

    In The Sacrament of Interruption author Donna Schaper makes the case that the disruptions and interruptions that happen in life are, in fact, sacred windows of opportunity.

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  • The Long View: An Elderwoman's Book of Wisdom by Donna Sinclair

    And It Was Very Good

    Everyday Moments of Awe

    Slices of life about neighbours and friends.

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  • Move


    What The Body Wants

    Cynthia Winton-Henry
    Phil Porter

    Move: What the Body Wants introduces readers step by step into InterPlay, a practice for creative and spiritual development that reintegrates the body into all aspects of life

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