Sunshine Sing-along CD & Songbook Set

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CD and Songbook Set$39.95
Favourite Music for All Ages

Alan C. Whitmore Donald Schmidt


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The Sunshine Songbook and Sunshing Sing-along CD includes music adored by ministers, children, and leaders alike and is perfect for:

The Sunshine Songbook and Sing-along CD new music resource has been composed by over 16 international artists including, Donald Schmidt, Jim and Jean Strathdee, Bruce Harding, Linnea Good, Keri Wehlander, Pat Mayberry, and Dan Damon. Also included are global songs from Africa and Latin America, as well as a few favourites from the best-selling Seasons of the Spirit Music CDs.

Alan C. Whitmore, Author

Alan has been involved in music for over 65 years. He is well known as a music minister of churches in British Colunbia, Ontario, North Carolina and Florida. He has been involved with Wood Lake Publishing since 1994, first as Music and Liturgy Editor for 6 years and then on contract as Music Editor and consultant. Alan has been involved in the creation of over 10 hymnals and songbooks. He served as interim head of the Worship and Music desk at the head office of the United Church of Canada for 1 year and is well known as a music facilitator and workshop presenter at conferences throughout North America.

Donald Schmidt, Author

Whenever he can choose what to do, Donald Schmidt likes to spin wool, knit, and weave. In his spare time, he also works in ministry in a variety of settings. He has served parishes in Quebec, New York, Vermont, Washington, and Hawai‘i. He has also worked as an Associate Conference Minister with the United Church of Christ, and is a retired United Methodist minister. Perhaps his favorite ministry has been as an editor and writer of church resources, for worship, education, and church revitalization. He has published 3 books, and has had a few pieces of music appear in various collections around the world. He also loves to travel, finding that visiting anywhere new and different can open us up to learn new things about others and, in the process, ourselves. More recently Donald has served with the United Church of Canada, and was Minister for Worship and Leadership Development at First United Church in Kelowna, British Columbia. He lives in the Okanagan Valley of BC. He is a grandfather of 8, and father of 3.