The Hell Jesus Never Intended

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Keith Wright

192 PP | 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-896836-65-2

This book is a passionate and reasoned plea for re-examining the traditional teaching that unbelievers are consigned to eternal punishment in Hell. Instead The Hell Jesus Never Intended returns to a concept of Hell that is more in line with our ancestors and their teachings.

Keith Wright, Author

KEITH WRIGHT served as pastor for forty years in the Presbyterian Church. He received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Austin Presbyterian Seminary. He received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Austin Seminary in 1992. Since his retirement in 1993, Dr. Wright has served three churches as an interim associate pastor.

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Media Reviews

Jean Russell, Showcase (Capital News)

This book by Keith Wright sheds a little light upon the different concepts of Hell that people believe in.

Wayne A. Holst, Edmonton Journal

He makes the Good News good again.

Carol Segal, The Montreal Anglican

Long overdue, it demystifies a concept blown out of proportion by art, literature, and preaching throughout the ages.