"Wood Lake Publishing began on the ping pong table in Ralph Milton’s Calgary home. “For many, Wood Lake wasn’t just a job. It was a place that held us when we needed to be held and gave us a dream and support and encouragement when we most needed those things. The result was a blossoming of all kinds of wonderful things. I include myself among those unnamed “many.” It is for the dream, the holding, and the opportunity that I am most grateful.”

– Bev Milton



For Wood Lake, the lines between corporate and personal identity may remain forever fuzzy. To talk about Wood Lake is, as much as anything else, to talk about people. It is to discover that strange and wonderful dynamic whereby personalities meet, and unite to spin new worlds of possibility." 

In this comprehensive, collaborative history of Wood Lake Publishing, explore the highs and lows of what it's like building a company from the ground up. Today, Wood Lake is committed to continuing its 40 year history of bringing readers and faith formation practitioners unique and accessible resources that nurture, inspire, and challenge our common and essential spirituality for our day. In honour of our history, and the hundreds of people who have contributed to our journey, we celebrate the vision of our founders, the inspiration of the contributors to our many and wonderful products, and the dedication of the staff and contractors that made it all real and possible.