Your Child's Baptism / Protestant ed.

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New Life!

James Taylor Thomas Harding Bernadette Gasslein

24 PP | 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-55145-074-2

Give the gift of faith to a new life. The perfect gift for parents preparing to baptize their children, this full-color booklet explains the tradition and theology of baptism in easy-to-read language.

James Taylor, Author

Jim Taylor is one of Canada's best known authors and editors among mainline churches and denominations. He is the author of twelve books himself including The Spirituality of Pets (2006), An Everyday God (2005), Precious Days and Practical Love: Caring for an Aging Parent (1999), The Canadian Religious Travelguide (1982), Discovering Discipleship (with George Johnston, 1983), Two Worlds in One (1985), Last Chance (1989), Surviving Death (1993) republished as Letters to Stephen (1996), Everyday Psalms (1994), Everyday Parables (1995), Sin: A New Understanding of Virtue and Vice (1997), Lifelong Living (for the United Church's Division of Mission in Canada) (1983), and The Spiritual Crisis of Cancer (for the Canadian Cancer Society) (1984).

He was the founding editor of the ecumenical clergy journal Practice of Ministry in Canada (PMC) for the first 15 years of its publication. He was for 13 years Managing Editor of The United Church Observer. A co-founder of Wood Lake Books, Taylor lives and works in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.

Thomas Harding, Author

Bernadette Gasslein, Author