Sanctuary CD

List Price: $19.95

Where Heaven Touches Earth

Trisha Watts Gabrielle Lord

ISBN: 978-1-55145-516-7

The music, available on compact disc (sold separately, or with the book as a set), comprises 60 original chants designed to lead participants into a quiet, prayerful place. The short songs and chants included in this recording are intentionally simple. They are designed to assist prayer and meditation. Many of the songs may be song as mantras, the tools of reflection.

Trisha Watts, Author

Trisha Watts is a singer, songwriter and teacher who has worked variously as a high school and InterPlay teachers, arts director, music publisher and youth minister. She has a passion for spirituality and community a cappella singing, and is presently studying voice movement therapy in the United States. Trisha has had numerous collections of her original music published, including Prophets of Hope, Take Shelter, Deep Waters, and Invocation, spanning a career of over 20 years.

Gabrielle Lord, Author

Gabrielle Lord is an award-winning crime novelist of international repute. Her gripping novels – Fortress; Whipping Boy; Salt; Bones; The Sharp End; Feeding the Demons; Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing; and Lethal Weapon – have all risen to the bestseller lists, receiving accolades from around the world.