Seeing Through Maps

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Many Ways to See the WOrld

Ward L. Kaiser

ISBN: 1931057206

Seeing Through Maps

Many Ways to See the World
2nd edition
by Denis Wood, Ward Kaiser, & Bob Abramms
The authors of this dynamic book challenge the popular world-view by questioning a number of map images and the specific messages they communicate. Maps imply a truth, but that truth can be quite skewed depending on the viewpoint of the map creator. This book takes a hard look at truth by carefully inspecting some familiar, and not-so-familiar, map images and exploring their significance.

Ward L. Kaiser, Author

Can we heal an ailing world, and if so, how? Ward Kaiser has developed his own working answers through years of experience: working with refugees, mentoring juvenile delinquents, speaking to people in power, pastoring churches, heading a publishing company, leading seminars on social issues, writing eight books and a syndicated column. In How Maps Change Things he provides a stimulating analysis of how maps function to change our world and us.