The Tiny Red Bathing Suit of Mr. July

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Inspiration & Resources for Continuing Care Providers

Jean Clayton

128 PP | 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 978-1-55145-246-3

Most residents of continuing care facilities are dealing with losses and many changes. This book, written by hospital chaplain Jean Clayton, deals with key issues for the chronically ill, aging, and disabled including sexuality, grief, and mental illness.

It includes:

  • sample worship services, prayers, hymns, and suggested biblical readings
  • communication tips - from self-care and empathy, to listening skills and healing touch
  • non-technical descriptions of chronic illnesses and diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Jean Clayton, Author

As a chaplain in a continuing care hospital for over nine years, Jean Clayton brings a wealth of experience to her personal account of providing continuing care.Warm, compassionate, and respectful, Jean Clayton helps her readers become better equipped to face the challenges of loving and caring for the elderly and chronically ill.

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Media Reviews

Jeffrey H. Hosick, Atlantic Baptist

This book gives a realistic picture of life inside chronic care institutions, and of what a chaplain can do in ministering to chronic care patients.

This would be a very helpful book for anyone who ministers in a chronic care facility. Many pastors have members who reside in retirement homes. This book could be used quite effectively in the training of volunteers who are interested in pastoral care. Discussion questions follow each chapter, and an excellent summary of resources is included in the book."

Steve Males, Faith Today

Clayton helps us to see from the patient's viewpoint: how does this stroke affect his way of perceiving the world? How does this patient feel when no one can understand the sounds coming out of her mouth?

The end result is to defuse some of the anxiety a caregiver might otherwise feel in trying to help and understand many of those in long-term care.