Living the Heart of Christianity


A Guidebook for Putting Your Faith into Action

Tim Scorer Marcus J. Borg

160 PP | 7.38" x 9.25"
ISBN: 978-1-55145-543-3

Marcus Borg's The Heart of Christianity struck a chord for countless Christians across their country. Church groups and small groups that have been reading this influential book, hoping to put into practice Borg's helpful suggestions for how we can be passionate believers today. For the millions of people who have turned away from many traditional beliefs about God, Jesus, the Bible, but still long for a relevant nourishing faith, The Heart of Christianity presents a new outlook on Christianity that is both refreshing and compelling. This companion to The Heart of Christianity is an invaluable resource that provides the tools to talk about Borg's new vision for life of Christian’s faith and how it can change our spiritual lives and Christian communities today. For groups as well as individuals hoping to go deeper in The Heart of Christianity, this guide includes personal reflection questions, discussion topics, exercises, and selections from the best-selling book. Organized into 12 chapters, or sessions, Living the Hearty of Christianity includes both individual or participant's guide as well as a guide for group leaders, allowing the reader to engage with the issues that lie at the heart of Christianity today.

Tim Scorer, Author

Tim Scorer is a master of experiential spiritual formation. Tim brings his passion for transformational faith and his practical experience with community organizations, congregations, and retreatants. He is author of Experiencing the Heart of Christianity (for groups) and co-author of Living the Heart of Christianity (for individuals), and the editor of the free e-newsletter, Christian Books INSIGHT, which connects people of the emerging Christian Way. Tim was a long-time member of the management team at Naramata Centre, a retreat education centre of The United Church of Canada, and for three years on staff at Penticton United.

Marcus J. Borg, Author

Marcus Borg is Hundere Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture at Oregon State University and the author of the bestselling books The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith; Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time; Reading the Bible Again for the First Time; and The God We Never Knew. He is in great demand as a speaker throughout the United States and Canada and he increasingly focuses on the topic of how to be a true Christian in the contemporary world.