This Anglican Church of Ours - Revised and Updated



Patricia Bays

192 PP | 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 978-1-77064-439-7

This book is a guide to the Anglican church for those already travelling an Anglican path as well as for those who wish to explore it. Patricia Bays, who knows and loves her church, writes about all aspects of Anglicanism in an approachable style. She takes us from Celtic and Tudor England through the Reformation and Industrial Revolution to 21st century Canada and describes how the Anglican Church has met the challenges of change. Topics include: Is there an Anglican theology? How do Anglicans make ethical decisions? What happens when we become ill or die? Who are the Anglicans?

This is a book that can be read cover to cover or simply opened up and referred to. The topics of the 18 short chapters are self-evident and a comprehensive glossary makes easy work of understanding unfamiliar church language. The book also contains a five-session study guide written by Jim Taylor for group use.

Patricia Bays, Author

Patricia Bays has worked on numerous national committees of the Anglican Church of Canada. She is married to retired bishop Eric Bays and has seen church life from the inside – in the parish, the seminary, and the diocese. She studied theology at Trinity College in Toronto and specializes in Christian education. She was the Anglican editor of The Whole People of God Christian Education and Worship Resource for three years.

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Media Reviews

The Anglican Church of Canada

The Most Reverend Fred J. Hiltz, Primate

With so many others, I welcome the update… It is an excellent overview of a church whose heart beats with a deep desire to proclaim the gospel through beautiful liturgy and loving outreach; in tending the suffering and working for peace and justice; and in caring for the earth, stewarding its resources for the benefit of generations to come.

For many pastors, it’s a book we will keep within reach for quick reference…

It’s informative, inspiring, and inviting. It’s a wonderful introduction for those who may be exploring Christian faith in general and the Anglican tradition in particular. It’s an excellent resource for…preparing men and women for baptism and confirmation. It’s a superb guide for those seeking reception into The Anglican Church of Canada. And for the rest of us, it’s a succinct refresher course in the spirit, ethos, and polity of being Christian in the Anglican way.