The Bible in The Hunger Games

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A "Bibleizing" Study Guide

Patricia Chapman

52 PP | 8.5" x 7"

The study guides in the series begin with a popular book and suggest places where a connection to the Bible may give readers or viewers of the contemporary work new perspectives and insights into the story. The guides also create new awareness and understanding of what is in the Bible; by offering a different way to explore biblical stories, themes, and characters.

Perfect for midweek youth and young adult programs, book clubs, youth and adult Bible study groups.

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This series was created with the assumption that each participant will have their own copy of the guide.

Patricia Chapman, Author

PATRICIA (PATTY) CHAPMAN won national attention as Director of Christian Education at Scarborough Presbyterian Church, New York, for her innovative programs. She was a member of the PC(USA) and National Council of Churches task force for “A Social Creed for the 21st Century.” Patty discovered Narnia and Middle Earth as a philosophy and religion major at Wilson College and has been making connections between the Bible, Christian faith, and popular culture ever since. Patty resides in Ossining, New York, and is blessed to have a family – Peter, Taylor, and McCord – who understand that some degree of clutter goes with the creative territory and is not a sign that she loves them any less!