A Place for Everyone Placemat Curriculum Orientation - Video

This presentation will give you an overview of the unique features of A Place for Everyone Placemat Curriculum as well as a walk-through of a lesson.


The Presbyterian Outlook: “‘Placemat Curriculum’ sets the table for young people's Bible learning”

A Place for Everyone Placemat Curriculum takes very little preparation time and is so simple to use, anyone can lead a session, even older children.

A Place for Everyone Placemat Curriculum provides almost everything the leader and children need each week on one 11”x17” Placemat. Each Placemat includes at least one and sometimes two Lectionary Bible passages as well as some or all of the features listed below.

Some curricula attempt to bring children into the world of the Bible. A Place for Everyone Placemat Curriculum turns this movement on its head. It brings the Bible into the world of children by pointing out ways and places where the hopes, concepts, themes, and stories in the Bible are already present in their lives in the popular culture they engage with, and in the social justice and ecological situations and challenges they encounter and care about.

A Place for Everyone Placemat Curriculum is effective precisely because it is relevant and “comfortable.” Perfect for “Google-generation” children who see and think in a dynamic visual arena, it is designed to mirror how children interact with information on the web. Each colourful Placemat is filled with a variety of elements that encourage children to make text-to-text and self-to-text connections. The questions for discussion and the connections to elements from popular culture help children remember the biblical stories and connect the Bible to their own lives.

The Placemat format is fun for children, as they connect with the pop culture references, the science and nature trivia, and enjoy the freedom to follow and explore their own interests through the elements of each Placemat. Best of all, there’s a new Placemat each week, with a new world of possibilities.

A Place for Everyone Placemate Curriculum makes a wonderful tool for follow-up discussions at home with other family members!



Leader's Guide
In addition to the Placemats, a 3-month or 9-month purchase includes a Leader’s Guide that contains guidelines and suggestions for how to use the placemats in a class setting. The Leader’s Guide also includes a suggested Warm-up Activity and Closing Activity for each week.

Ideal for Multi-age Classes
A Place for Everyone Placemat Curriculum comes in two versions: one for Younger Children (Ages 6-10) and one for Older Children (Ages 11-14). The two versions have enough similar elements that all children can be in one classroom and share in the discussion, whether they're competent readers or visual-describers.

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